Kunci Gitar Al I'tirof - Hanin Dhiya Chord

Capo : Fret 1

Intro C
        C  G  F G C  F-G
        C  G  F G C  F-G-C

 F  G    C
Ilaahi.. las..tu lil
   G       F  G  C  F-G-C
firdau..si ah.. lan..
  C       G  
walaa aq..waa 
        F     G   C  F-G-C
'alannaaril jahi..mi..

  F    G  C             
fahab..li tau..batan 
    G        F   G  C  F-G-C
waghfir.. dzunu..u..bi..
   C      G            F   
fa'innaka ghoofiruddzambil 
  G     C  F-G-C

   F  G    C             G
dzunuubi.. mits..lu a'daadir 
  F   G  C   F-G-C
  C      G        
fahablii tau..batan 
    F        G   C  F-G-C
yaa dzal..jalaa..li..

Int. Overtune
G -A
D  A  G A D  G-A-D
D  A  G A D  G-A-D  
G -A
D  A  G A D  G-A-D
D  A  G A D  G-A-D  

 G    A  D             A
ooh.. Tuhan.. aku bukanlah..
  G    A     D  G-A-D
ahli.. syur..ga..
  D         A
juga tak mampu.. menahan
G       A   D   G-A-D
sik..sa neraka..
  G   A  D            A
kabulkan tau..bat ampuni
  G    A   D  G-A-D
dosa.. dosaku..
 D           A               G
hanyalah Engkau.. Maha Pengampun
  A     D   G-A-D
dosa hambaMu..
 D           A               G
hanyalah Engkau.. Maha Pengampun
  A       D
dosa hambaMu..

   D        A            G   
fa'in..naka ghoofiruddzambil 
  A     D
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Chord and Lyrics : Al I'tirof - Hanin Dhiya
Artist : Hanin Dhiya
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